World Anti-Doping Agency to probe weightlifting federation doping allegations

The World Anti-Doping Company has begun an investigation into doping violations after an inquiry led by Canadian lawyer and regulation professor Richard McLaren uncovered 40 constructive adversarial analytical findings hidden within the Worldwide Weightlifting Federation data.

In a scathing report launched earlier this month, McLaren and his workforce discovered that the IWF had been affected by a long time of corruption and likewise found the doping infractions.

These embody gold and silver medallists who haven’t had their samples handled.

“WADA is appalled by the behaviour uncovered by the McLaren Investigation Workforce,” WADA president Witold Banka stated in an announcement. “The company condemns all interference with anti-doping procedures with the utmost vigor.

“These revelations are extremely upsetting for clear athletes, for WADA and for all advocates of fresh sport.”

McLaren’s investigation decided that the IWF’s former president Tamas Ajan used “the tyranny of money” to keep up management and the first sources of this cash got here from doping fines paid personally to him.

The 81-year-old Hungarian had been on the IWF for the reason that mid-1970s, serving first as secretary normal after which as president from 2000 till his resignation in April.

WADA stated the data it obtained covers the interval from 2009-2014 and its personal investigation would give precedence to these instances which are near the statute of limitations.

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