What is the psychological cost of the coronavirus? | Mental health

Greater than 264 million folks worldwide had been affected by melancholy, and suicide was the second-leading explanation for dying amongst younger folks – and that was earlier than the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier than distance and isolation grew to become our new expertise of life; earlier than grieving family members with out with the ability to say goodbye; and earlier than the sudden lack of jobs.

Such troublesome experiences have led to elevated ranges of stress and anxiousness, consultants say. They warn of a possible rise in suicides and drug abuse, and a doable psychological value within the coming years, after the pandemic is over.

Human Rights Watch has urged governments to increase psychological healthcare companies. The United Nations says services already missing sources and folks fleeing violence, are of explicit concern.

So, what’s the long-term affect of the coronavirus on folks’s psychological well being?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Donna Dawson – Psychologist specialising in persona and behavior

Kriti Shama  Senior researcher within the Incapacity Rights Division at Human Rights Watch 

Mayssoun Hamzeh  Social psychology guide

Supply: Al Jazeera

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