Can airlines survive the coronavirus crisis? | Aviation

World leaders are being forced to take drastic, emergency measures to confront the worsening coronavirus crisis.

They are meant to keep people alive, but are killing the global economy. And few industries have been hit as hard as airlines.

The International Air Transport Association says the industry stands to lose more than $250bn in revenue this year, and that is assuming things recover in three months.

Singapore, Emirates and Turkish Airlines are just a few of the big names to halt almost all their operations.

An estimated 8,500 aircraft are sitting in storage around the world.

Governments are promising bailouts to keep the industry afloat.

But will that be enough?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Alex Macheras – Editor of

Anil Padhra – Head of aviation at the University of West London

Brendan Sobie – Founder of Sobie Aviation and former chief analyst at the Centre for Aviation

Source: Al Jazeera News

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